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Doubling of Farmers' Income

Dear Partners,

I am happy to be sharing with you the draft for the FIRST 4 VOLUMES of the “Strategy for Doubling Farmers' Income by 2022” prepared by the Committee. The tentative layout of the DFI Report is as follows:

Volumes Subject Download Link
Vol. I March of Agriculture since Independence Download
Vol. II Status of Farmers’ Income: Strategies for Accelerated Growth Download
Vol. III Post-production Interventions: Agri-logistics Download
Vol. IV Post-production Interventions: Agriculture Marketing Download
Vol. V Sustainability Concerns in Agriculture
Vol. VI Specific Strategies for Sustainability in Agriculture
Vol. VII Input Management – Resource Use Efficiency / Total Factor Productivity (TFP)
Vol. VIII Production Enhancement through Productivity Gains
Vol. IX Secondary Agriculture
Vol. X Risk Management in Agriculture
Vol. XI Empowering the Farmers through Science Technology & Knowledge
Vol. XII Research & Development in Agriculture
Vol. XIII Structural Reforms and Governance Framework
Vol. XIV Comprehensive Policy Recommendations

As decided by the Committee the volumes are being released sequentially in installments, so as to enable all the stake holders and interested parties from across the country to study and absorb the analysis and recommendations.This is thought to be appropriate if the Committee is to receive constructive critique, observations and suggestions on the Report.

The Committee would appreciate receiving suggestions beyond what the volumes include. However, it is requested that currently the comments may be limited to the first 4 volumes on priority. The Report is work in progress, and all suggestions will be examined and harmonized into the final Report to be published. The above volumes may be downloaded and responses mailed on dfi-agri[at]gov[dot]in.

With warm regards,

Ashok Dalwai CEO, National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) and Chairman, Committee on Doubling of Farmers' Income.

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