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Plant Quarantine Clearance

Our Mandate

To prevent the entry, establishment and spread of exotic pests in India as per the provisions of The Destructive Insects & Pests Act, 1914 and the notifications issued there under.

Our objective

To provide an efficient and effective service, that fully satisfies our customers, such as importers, exporters, individuals and the Government.

Our Mission

  • To protect our plant life from ravages of destructive pests by preventing their entry, establishment and spread and thereby increasing agriculture productivity in order to improve the economy of our country.
  • To facilitate export certification of plants and plant products for safe global trade in agricultural commodities and thereby fulfilling our legal obligations under the international agreements.
  • • To adopt safe quarantine practices to protect our environment.

Our Vision

  • Dynamic quarantine programmes to protect our plant life and environment.
  • Sound inspection systems to safe guard the interests of farming community and the consumers and overseas marketing agencies and
  • Sustained quality export certification to allow our competitiveness in the global trade in agriculture.
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