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Innovative processing technologies By dr.Panjabrao deshmukh, rajesh p.Murumkar Download (34.92 MB) pptx
Accelerating agriculture productivity in india- issues and opportunities By dr.V.K Tewari Download (12.44 MB) pptx
New Research/innovations on farm machinery at Sher-e-kashmir University of agriculture sciences and technology of kashmir by Dr.Rohitashw Kumar. Download (4.91 MB) pptx
Need for testing and certification in farm mechanization by shri j.J.R. Narware. Download (6.05 MB) pptx
Need based agriculture implements- future strategy by shri DS Balachandra babu. Download (6.26 MB) pptx
Investment opportunities in farm machinery sector-India by shri rakesh kadian. Download (2.95 MB) pptx
Transforming agriculture through innovative farm mechanization by Er.Ravi Beri, beri udyog. Download (5.44 MB) pptx
Unmanned aerial vehicle-'NETRA' for agriculture by dr. alok mukherjee. Download (18.52 MB) pptx
Innovations in agriculture mechanization by gaurav Mehta. Download (44.14 MB) pdf
End to end aerial data solutions for precision agriculture by shri prateek srivastava, VP Download (27.49 MB) pdf


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