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Satellite based sensors for agriculture Applications by Dr. K.R Manjunath Download (5.35 MB) pptx
Decentralized power generation system from crop Residue by dr.Anil Kumar Dubey, Principal Scientist Download (1.96 MB) pptx
Small farm mechanization: appropriate Technologies and innovations by dr. B.Sanjeeva Reddy, ICAR-CRIDA. Download (10.95 MB) pptx
Innovations in water saving Technologies by TBS Rajput, Emeritus Scienctist Download (20.42 MB) pptx
National conference on innovations in agriculture mechanization by shri J.k. Gupta, port-Flex water solutions. Download (2.35 MB) pdf
Innovation & Intervention in Horticulture Mechanization by dr. G.S Senthil kumaran, Principal scientists Download (20.21 MB) pdf
New Developments in cotton mechanization by Dr.Gautam Majumdar, scientist. Download (4.13 MB) pptx
CSR to double farmers' income by shri gautam ghosh, M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Download (976.57 KB) pdf
Krishi cloud (smart Farming) Voice Site Platform by Shri Kaushal Mishra, M/sPHONEME. Download (1.15 MB) pptx
Farm mechanization for doubling income by Er. Rajeev Choudhary. Download (1.28 MB) pptx


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