Recent Initiatives

Title Details
Formulation of Model The ---------State/UT Contract Farming (Promotion & Facilitation) Act, 2017 Download (253.33 KB) pdf
Minutes of the National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign- 2017 Download (176.34 KB) pdf
E-Book- 3 Years of Modi Government. Download (1.79 MB) pdf, Download (8.46 MB) pdf
Comprehensive guidelines for engagement of retired Government officers/officials as Consultant - reg. Download (3.98 MB) pdf
Finalization of Action Plan for 24 Drought Prone Districts. Download (341.41 KB) pdf
Agenda Note and Programme of the Kharif conference, 2019 Download (581.56 KB) pdf, Download (585.98 KB) pdf
Amendment of Recruitment Rules to the post of Chief Chemist (Chemist Cadre) in the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection an attached office Download (555.94 KB) pdf
Notificaiton to be made in the SPS Committee of WTO regarding PQ Order, 2003 (Second Amendment) 2019 Spain Download (375.14 KB) pdf
SPS Committee of WTO regarding PQ Order, 2003 (Third Amendment of 2019) - Uzbekistan Download (164.7 KB) pdf


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