Recent Initiatives

Title Details
Impact of Horticulture Mission,MIDH PPT 16-1-2020_Hort. Comm_MIDH.pptx
Supply-chain: Linking Farmers to Markets, 17th January 2020 Download (5.03 MB) pdf
National Conference on Agriculture for Zaid/Summer Campaign 2020 Download (4.38 MB) pdf
Final programme of National Conference of Zaid Agriculture Campaign and Horticulture -2020 Download (262.17 KB) pdf
National Conference on Zaid Agriculture Campaign and Horticulture - 2020, 17th January, 2020. Download (1.93 MB) pdf
Finalization of Action Plan for 24 Drought Prone Districts. Download (341.41 KB) pdf
Pocket Book Agricultural Statistics 2018 Download (3.04 MB) pdf
Division against Administrative Vigilance Unit (AVU) Download (319.86 KB) pdf
Tender Opening Notice - reg. Download (188.31 KB) pdf
Minutes of Rabi Campaign, 2019 Download (715.96 KB) pdf


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