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The Government of India always lays emphasis on making the lives of its citizens easy, smooth and making India truly democratic and keeping this in mind the RTI Act has been established.
RTI stands for Right To Information and has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article 19(1) of the Constitution. Article 19 (1) under which every citizen has freedom of speech and expression and have the right to know how the government works, what role does it play, what are its functions and so on.
RTI Act confers right to access to information held by a Public Authority. In case,you have been denied the access to information you may file Appeal / Complaint before the Central Information Commission (CIC) using the CIC Online Click Here For more Information

Right To Information Act

Sl. No. Title Details Link
1 Supply of information under RTI Act, 2005 - Application from Sh. Tanmay Dhakar, vide registration no. DOA & C/R/2019/50887/1 dated 12.07.2018 - reg. Download (1.42 MB) pdf
2 Supply of information under RTI Act, -Application from Ms. Deeksh Choudhary, seeking information reg. (DOA&C/R/2019/50617 dated 21.05.2019) Download (932.05 KB) pdf
3 Seeking information under Right to Information Act. 2005 Download (825.32 KB) pdf
4 information sought under Right to Information act- 2005 Download (1.16 MB) pdf
5 Suo motu disclosure of information under Section 4 of RTI Act, 2005- reg Download (7.94 MB) pdf Click to view more
6 Appointment of CPIO and AA under RTI Act 2005 Download (1.63 MB) pdf
7 Declaration of Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and Appellate Authorities (AAs) under the Right to Information Act, 2005 - regarding Dated 29.10.2018. Download (92.35 KB) pdf
8 Section 4 of RTI Act, 2005 Regarding Contract Details. Download (101.02 KB) pdf
9 RTI Reply for Registration No. DOA&C/R/2018/51016/5, DOA&C/R/2018/80411/5, DOA&C/R/2018/80409/5, DOA&C/R/2018/80407/6, DOA&C/R/2018/50993 & DOA&C/R/2018/01155 . Download (1.91 MB) pdf
10 Orders for appointment of CPIOs and Appellate Authorities of the DAC&FW from Dated(17.4.2018 to 9.10.2018). Download (3.59 MB) pdf


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